A modern and stylish alternative to standard plastic business cards, clear plastic cards offer an affordable, durable, option for those looking to leave a lasting impression with their card. Clear plastic business cards boast an inherent element of originality and serve as an instant conversation starter. More features of these cards include:

  • A great first impression. These cards are able to feature a wide variety of design to ensure your brand stands out among competitors.
  • As a visual point of interest, your card is likely to be held on to for longer and potentially even shown to your audience’s peers as a conversation piece.
  • Clear plastic can be embossed, specially shaped, and comes in a variety of thicknesses.
  • Clear plastic offers the same durability advantage of standard plastic cards, but with a more refined stylistic element, with endless ‘special effect’ components available.

If you’re looking for a business card that makes an impact as well as a statement, clear plastic is the perfect solution. Contact us at 833-433-6800 or 905-478-2273 to learn more about our options and how we can craft your vision into a tangible product.

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