• Business cards: Plastic cards can be printed with information and graphics to be used as a high-value business card.
  • Gift / Customer Loyalty Cards: Your business can order customized plastic cards to function as gift or loyalty cards.
  • Sale Coupon or Invite: You can give plastic cards to potential or existing customers as a sale coupon or invitation to an exclusive promotion.
  • Launch a New Product: You can create product information cards to help promote and build anticipation about a new product
  • Attract Investors: New business? Create plastic cards with information about your business to give to prospective investors.
  • Portability: Customers can attach them to their keychain and have it with them at all times.
  • Customers will Use It: Customers are more likely to use the key tag when they have it within reach and with them every time they visit your business.
  • Gather Customer Information: When equipped with a barcode it can identify buyer behavior and patterns.
  • Reward Customers: Key tags can be used to reward regular customers and provide "members only" benefits.
  • Security & Access: Businesses that need to restrict patron access to areas of their business can accomplish this by giving their members key tags.

If you would like to order a quantity not listed here, please contact us at 833-433-6800 or 905-478-2273. We can do any quantity.

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